North Ports

Welcome to North Ports

This site is a central point for various geekery interests. It is currently undergoing yet another rebuild, of sorts.
Here you will find a link to a weather station in Bacup (Rossendale in Lancashire (the bleak North, to some)). This is still under test & refinement but is generally pretty reliable.
There is a link to a (temporarily out of action) AIS receiver which covers the upper reaches of the Manchester Ship Canal, this will hopefully be back online soon.
And then there is the Flickr, the Facebook, the YouTube, the Twitter etc. etc.

Geographically the focus of interest is Lancashire and Caithness, but I do get out and about occasionally. Subject topics include aviation, photography, a bit of shipping, a little history, some droning about and a little weather.
There are a number of ADSB mode S receivers which upload aircraft data to, hopefully I will soon have a direct upload to these outputs.

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